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June 2015

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Grandparents Climate Action Day

September 10, 2015 – Be there if you can, or make your own plan for where you are !

we-the-eldersThe voice of the elders is desperately needed. Throughout human history, elders have been leaders in focusing attention on the needs of future generations. Today, around the globe, short-sighted policies have resulted in climate change that is threatening the future of our livable planet. It’s time for elders around the world to call for new energy policies that will slash greenhouse gas emissions and reverse the process of climate change while there is still time to preserve a livable planet for future generations.

Elders Climate Action is a coalition focused on bringing elders from across the United States to Washington DC on Grandparents Day, September 10, 2015. The goal is to advocate for:

  • Carbon fee and dividend legislation, to reduce use of fossil fuels by building the cost of environmental pollution into the price while returning all proceeds evenly to taxpayers via a monthly dividend.
  • Clean Power Plan, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants.
  • Divestment from fossil fuel companies. Calling on our institutions to send a market message that fossil fuels must be replaced by clean energy.

There’s a role for global partners. Elders Climate Action is seeking individuals and organizations as partners to bring this issue into the consciousness of elders who are not currently engaged – often because they don’t understand the threat, or because they don’t think there is anything they can do to make a difference.

Every day should be Climate Action Day – with elder leadership to reverse the process of climate change while there is still time. The Pass It On Network is adding program information about Elders Climate Action to this website. Please consider how you might encourage participation of elders and promote climate action policies in your community or country. To learn more or to join Elders Climate Action, go to their website: Or if you have questions or suggestions, email:

Susan PurnellSoul Alive Women

Listen to Susan A Purnell* interviewing the Pass It On Network founders, Jan Hively and Moira Allan on “Aging Adults Worldwide, Rewriting the Old Story

*Susan created Soul Alive Women