Age Friendly Tuymazy


Gulnara Minnigaleeva, head of the retired persons organization, “Wisdom Ripening”, attended the WHO Global Age Friendly Cities (AFC) project in 2006 and returned to her hometown of Tuymazy and got to work. The result is that Tuymazy has become the first member of the WHO Age-Friendly Cities Network from Russia among 33 other cities of the world. In 2011 the President of Bashkortostan approved of our initiative. A further 20 municipalities of the Republic joined the project. The Regional Steering Committee is in place. was formed in 2012. The committee is comprised of high-ranking government officials, NGO representatives, older persons, and researchers.

The implementation largely relies on the volunteer efforts of Association of Municipalities staff, Ministry of Labour and members of “Wisdom Ripening” who serve on the working groups.


Organizaton of Retired Persons “Wisdom Ripening”
Gulnara Mnnigaleeva

WEBSITES: (English) (Russian)

STARTED:  2006, approved 2011


  • To improve the lives of older people and people with disabilities.
  • To work on the implementation of the action plan based on the assessment findings in 8 areas of city living:  1.Outdoor spaces and buildings 2. Transportation 3. Housing 4. Social participation 5. Respect and social inclusion 6. Civic participation and employment 7. Communication and information 8. Community and health services.
  • To ensure that age friendliness is seen as a core responsibility in all municipal departments.
  • To integrate the spirit of the many Wisdom Ripening projects into the Age Friendly City Plan.

TARGET POPULATION:  Society at large

BENEFITS/OUTCOMES:  Improved lives for older adults and the disabled


HOURS PER MONTH: Irregular hours

PROGRAM GUIDE:  Available in Russian and English

OTHER SUPPORT MATERIAL:  Research protocol in Russian and English


Occasional funding or in kind support for information sessions and seminars, other initiatives become the responsibility of different actors.

TRAINING:  Information sessions and volunteer training

PROMOTION:  Through and local media

POLICIES FOR REPLICATING:  None stipulated at this time.

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