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Caring Collaborative


The TTN Caring Collaborative is the work of a volunteer committee of members. It mobilizes goodwill within TTN’s membership to support members when in need. They learn from the healthcare experiences of others – what to expect during breast cancer treatment, how to optimize recovery following knee replacement surgery, etc. When the unexpected compromises one’s independence, the Caring Collaborative provides personal support through:

  1. Assistance with short-term or occasional needs (help at home or with doctor visits…)
  2. A medical information exchange (MIX) – a chance to speak confidentially with members who have relevant medical experiences
  3. Programs on health topics
  4. Health and Wellness Directory


The Transition Network (TTN). Model developed and tested by a volunteer committee of 40 talented TTN members over 2 years.  In total, 200 volunteers clocked up over 1400 hours and 523 events during the development of program.


STARTED:  2008


To provide friendly and neighborly assistance, offered by members to members, to preserve and promote healthy independence.


Paid up member of TTN in need.

This innovative model of healthcare support built on human connections that exist within informal communities. Book clubs, church congregations, neighborhood associations and Rotary clubs are types of informal communities where people come together based on common interests, values, and/or geography. They are a rich repository of social and human capital, and with motivation and organization, can become a powerful resource for healthy aging through the mutual exchange of information, services and care.


  • Relief from the stress of worrying, “who will take care of me?”
  • Pleasure of being part of a community committed to helping one another
  • Heightened sense of well-being and competence.


Creating a Caring Collaborative


Creating a Vertical Village in a High Rise-Building

What You Need to Know When You Go to the Hospital


TTN received a New York City grant to develop the project. No ongoing cost.


Members of each new collaborative are required to participate in an Internet orientation webinar.


Promoted through the TTN and Pass It On Network


The caring collaborative experience is freely available for duplication and/or adaptation. Users are requested to inform the TTN.

Please complete our online Program User Form if you are interested in trying out this program and need more information. You will be contacted shortly by a member of the Pass It On Network team after you submit the completed form.