Czech Travel Exchange for U3A Senior Learners


Reciprocal exchanges between similarly motivated senior students from foreign countries belonging to the U3A

Started in 1991, the philosophy is very simple: Do your best for your guests, they will do the same for you when the roles reverse. The Czech hosting groups provide full hospitality to the foreign party during the entire stay and the guests repay the Czech hospitality later when the Czechs visit them. Travellers are responsible for their travel and medical insurance costs. More than 40 exchanges have taken place including 4× USA, 4× Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and most of the European countries. This provides a unique way how to learn about the nations and their cultural heritage on a personal basis.




To learn about other nations and cultural heritages
To stretch the physical and mental potential of students
To foster cross-cultural understanding and friendships
To favour internal travel at affordable prices

TARGET POPULATION: Senior students of the U3A platform

BENEFITS/OUTCOMES:  New contacts, new friends, inside view of other cultures


Exchangers pay their travel and are received free of charge by their hosts; they in turn reciprocate.



Please complete our online Program User Form if you are interested in trying out this program and need more information. You will be contacted shortly by a member of the Pass It On Network team after you submit the completed form.