Encore Boston Network


The Encore Boston Network was created to bring together practitioners, advocates, researchers, funders, employers, policy leaders and innovators to advance the national Encore movement in the Boston area. By joining forces, organizations and individuals can share best practices and other resources; see opportunities for joint action, collaboration and advocacy; and engage in projects providing mutual support and benefit. The shared goal is to accelerate creation of encore work opportunities and connect older adults with meaningful work.


Core group of encore movement leaders in Boston area, led by Doug Dickson and Diane Piktialis, in collaboration with the national organization leading the Encore movement, Encore.org

WEBSITE:  www.Encore.org, DougDickson17@gmail.com

STARTED:  2012


Advancing work with a social impact for people in midlife and beyond


Older adults seeking encore work opportunities and pathways to encore work, either paid or unpaid. Research shows that about 40 percent of people ages 44-70 are interested in encore careers. We know that the level of interest at this point exceeds the number of encore work opportunities available in the workplace today. With the leading edge of the boomer population at or beyond traditional retirement age, we cannot wait for encore opportunities to emerge organically.


Productive engagement in meaningful work helps older adults thrive as they, in turn, create value in their communities and for society as a whole. The evidence is increasingly compelling that most people want or will need to work into their retirement years. Many want to contribute in a way that improves their communities and benefits society. Studies show a correlation between active and engaged older workers and healthier, longer lives.


All Encore Boston Network members are volunteers – core group plus organizational representatives number approximately 40


Two part-time stipended volunteers (Innovation Fellows) assist outreach



No program guide is yet available but we are happy to provide copies of organizing documents and other information to anyone interested in creating an Encore Action Network in another city or region.


Encore.org and ReServe are supporting the two stipended volunteers. Initial funding for mailings and forums has come from donations and sponsorships. We are considering a membership model to provide ongoing support of the network. We are applying for a foundation grant to


No effort has yet been made to promote this model beyond our work in Greater Boston. However, the San Francisco, CA organization, Encore.org, is fostering a national Encore Network and is interested in what Encore Boston Network is doing as a potential model for other regions.

POLICIES FOR REPLICATING:  Open source support for replication

Please complete our online Program User Form if you are interested in trying out this program and need more information. You will be contacted shortly by a member of the Pass It On Network team after you submit the completed form.