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PeerSpirit offers free guidelines in 10 languages for convening circles. “..By rotating leadership, sharing responsibility,and attending to the spirit of shared intention,  small groups of ordinary people are able to align themselves with social awareness, spiritual values and  respond to the pressing needs of the earth, its people and creatures.”  Structured conversation circles characterized by thoughtful speaking and deep listening are ideal for older adults harvesting the wisdom of their years and supporting plans for the future.

The Circle Way Pocket Guide by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

This booklet provides easy access to the structure of The Circle Way for those who need a quick reference guide or want to provide basic knowledge to a group, and is based on the book The Circle Way. Without embellishment in essay or story, it informs readers how to set intention, call a group together, make agreements, define purpose and set the circle in motion. There is a section for sustaining the circle and responding to the circle in trouble. Available to download for free here. Once the page has loaded, right click and choose Save as to download. A donation is invited and deeply appreciated as your contribution helps make this resource freely available – donate here.


PeerSpirit, Inc., an education consortium based in Washington state, USA, consisting of Christina Baldwin, Ann Linnea, and teaching colleagues, including Cynthia Trenshaw, who specializes in aging issues .


STARTED:  1994


To advance the use of circle process.  “Life and Leadership through Circle, Quest, and Story.”


People open to use of the circle process in community, organizational, professional, and personal settings


Following PeerSpirit’s guidelines for calling a circle transforms informal socializing and opinionated discussion into an environment circle is an all-leader group that can be adapted as a sustainable Wisdom Circle or Learning Circle or Positive Aging Circle as long as the ten components of the Circle Way, refined over 20 years of global experience, are respected.


Basic Guidelines for Calling a Circle can be downloaded from the home page of (choice of 10 languages)


Many targeted publications are available for a cost via the PeerSpirit website or phone orders, including A Harvest of Years: A Peer Spirit Guide for Proactive Aging Circles, by Cynthia Trenshaw


No cost for use of online resources.


PeerSpirit offers seminars, consulting, and adventures seeking renewing and sustainable lives


Sign up for monthly newsletter at the website. Both Baldwin and Linnea offer seminars, workshops, keynote addresses and consulting.


Materials may be copied via the website for non-commercial use.

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