SHiFT is a nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping people during midlife (ages 45 – 70) to navigate work/life transitions, creating sustainable lives that matter. The SHiFT community is composed of people at midlife and beyond who want to support, inspire and connect with one another to stimulate new ideas and address work/life transitions. Initiated through weekly meetings in a coffeehouse, SHiFT now conducts large monthly forums, small group and workshop programs, and employer consulting. Three specific programs are described under “Program Guides”

DEVELOPED BY: Co-founded by Jan Hively and David Buck, SHiFT has been developed as a non-profit organization in the Twin Cities by a board comprising network participants and civic leaders


CONTACT:   David Alley, SHiFT Director

STARTED:  2006


To assist the growing number of mature workers who are experiencing work/life transitions in today’s rapidly shifting economy. “Move to meaning in life and work”


People in midlife and beyond who are looking for resources to help them discover, explore, and take action to support their new objectives


The SHiFT network serves as a community of like-minded colleagues to learn from and experiment with. The community connects people with resources that can help them see themselves through a new lens – a lens that will lead to their reinvention and sustainability.


Approximately 40 members of the peer network are actively involved in SHiFT’s programming and administration


Executive Director (ED) and part time Administrative Leader (AL)


ED is a full time position and the AL works 60 hours per month.


SHiFT has developed several specific programs, including:

1. Midternship™ Pilot Program – internships at midlife.

  • Career changers often struggle with finding employment, in part because they lack practical work experience in a new field. The Midternship program is an experiential learning opportunity for experienced workers age 50 and up who want to gain hands-on experience working in a new field,including work in non-profits.

2. Make>Shift Starter Guide© – a starter guide for collaborative entrepreneurs:


SHiFT’s Peer Circles provide a vehicle for new members to talk about their needs, strengths, and aspirations and to come up with a couple of action items to start moving on. Guides for Peer Circles are available from SHiFT.


Membership dues, forum sponsorship, event registration fees. The Midternship™ project was funded by a grant from Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.


Midternship™ program has been promoted through SHiFT website, Minnesota Workforce Centers, and public forums. Make>Shift Starter Guide© has been promoted through Resilience Circles. SHiFT is promoted through regional media and conference presentations


The Midternship™ is trademarked, and permission from SHiFT should be granted before any use. The SHiFT community welcomes efforts to replicate the program in other communities, and would like notification and feedback. The Make>Shift Starter Guide© is free and available for download, with respect for copyright and feedback on its use expected.

Please complete our online Program User Form if you are interested in trying out this program and need more information. You will be contacted shortly by a member of the Pass It On Network team after you submit the completed form.