Volunteer Grannies


Volunteer Grannies help orphans and children with disabilities and difficult backgrounds to learn and develop. When they sign up for the program, they follow a two-month course in pedagogy and the psychology of «special children».  That is followed by a period of getting acquainted with the children before they start their work. They meet with the children twice a week to play and draw. The grannies sometimes meet the parents to help them cope with difficult situations.   The children look forward to their granny visits. They enjoy playing and studying together. The volunteer grannies are also happy and satisfied with the results of their work.

Now our volunteers also attend children of the Boarding School for the disabled and orphans. They organise parties and contests for them. Grannies compete with them in joint teams. Everyone has fun and everyone gets a prize.


Gulnara MInnigaleeva, chair of the board of Organization of Retired Persons “Wisdom Ripening”


www.wisdomripening.org (English)
www.moigoda.org (Russian)

STARTED:  2010


  • To use the rich pedagogical potential of older adults to make a vital difference to the development of children with disabilities and or «difficult» backgrounds
  • To complement the shortage of professional staff


  • Older adults with pedagogical skills and experience with children
  • Disabled, and “difficult” children


  • Satisfaction and pleasure for the volunteer grannies
  • An unforgettable and inestimable contribution to the growth and development of the children

PROGRAM GUIDE:  The training syllabus could be made available


Started up with a one-off grant from the President’s office in 2010. This program continues without government support. Additional volunteers have joined the project.


Two month course in pedagogy and the psychology of «special children».

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POLICIES FOR REPLICATING:  Would be delighted to share experience.

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