Our Global Network

We are older adults who believe that the work of elders is to “pass it on” – sharing our know-how with others, capitalizing on what works, and shaping positive expectations for meaningful work and learning lifelong.  Our peer network connects people around the globe with a common interest in actualizing positive ageing. Energy flows to and from nodes where the action is and pulsates differently at any given time. We have no hierarchy. We gather advisors and liaisons regularly through scheduled Zoom calls and in our virtual global community that provides free worldwide communication for community members. We publish a newsletter for all who are interested and offer community membership for those who want to dive deeper and be involved in writing this new chapter of the human life span – active, positive ageing with meaningful work paid or unpaid through the last breath.

Founders of Pass It On Network

Moira Allan, France

Moira Allan, France

International Coordinator

Moira Allan’s career is in journalism, public relations, life coaching, training, and managing. Since 2006, she has been advocating for Positive Ageing and coordinated the 2Young2Retire network in Europe with its French counterpart – Le Cercle des Seniors Actifs, the association that founded the Pass it On Network with Jan Hively. She serves on the board of EURAG, Old’Up and works with Age Platform on the task group on older adult rights. With a strong interest in Africa, she is founding member of Mashakane, a Wilton Education foundation that addresses inequality in South African rural schools.

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Janet Hively, USA

Janet Hively, USA

International Consultant and Country Liaison

After a career in city and schools planning and administration, Jan Hively earned her Ph.D. in 2001 at age 69 with a dissertation on “Productive Ageing in Rural Minnesota”. Since then, she has focused on raising awareness about new opportunities and challenges for older adults based on 21st century trends and research. As an “Encore Entrepreneur,” Dr. Hively co-founded several thriving networks supporting lifework planning and positive ageing, including the Vital Aging NetworkArtSage Minnesota, and SHiFT Network.

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Advisors consult and advise the network on developments in their areas of competence and advise on future strategy. We look forward to expanding the group of Advisors worldwide to enrich our impact through diversity. Advisors will be asked to help assess the performance of the Pass It On Network.

Network Liaisons

Network liaisons are active members of specific multinational networks. They assure a two-way flow of information between their organizations and the Pass It On Network.

Country Liaisons

Country Liaisons cultivate and represent their own constituencies in their countries. They are the go-betweens for a two-way flow of information to advance positive ageing. Our dream is to have a Country Liaison in every state around the world.

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