Ageing: Dealing with Health Problems

Age of Isolation –  Social isolation and loneliness contribute to poorer health outcomes. These topics have received notable research interest in recent years, especially with respect to older people and later life. Loneliness in particular has received significant attention outside academic circles, as featured in news articles and policy.

The Science of Getting Old – Infographic –  Here’s an infographic (includes an embed code) that you may want to use on your website. It graphically explains why we age, why our hair turns gray, why our skin wrinkles, why we forget, why we get shorter, and why we can’t see as well as we get older.


Ministerial Advisory Board on Dementia –  Canada’s first national strategy on dementia sets out a vision for the future and identifies common principles and national objectives to help guide actions by all levels of government, non-governmental organizations, communities, families and individuals.


Access to Care for Cancer from Asbestos Exposure — The Mesothelioma Center works one on one with people with mesothelioma—a deadly form of cancer caused from asbestos exposure that disproportionately affects seniors—to help them find doctors, treatment centers and support groups. Learn more about the free care and support that this resource center provides.


Abuse of Older Australians 2019-2023 Public awareness of abuse led to petitioning the authorities and that led to an inquiry that resulted in this plan. The aim is to fight the most common types of abuse: physical, sexual, psychological or emotional, and financial and neglect.

Death/End of Life

Death Over Dinner – A DIY website to make it easy for anyone to organize a dinner and talk about death.
For a different approach, there is the International End-of-Life Doula Association, which offers training for doulas.