Work & Economic Security: Access to Labor Market (UN)

Employers/Government/NGO Collaboration for Change. Page 4 of the linked Pass It On Network report (April 2020) on Lifelong Earning and Learning describes four innovative collaboratives working with employers to retain/welcome and support older workers . Page 6 of the linked Pass It On Network report (June 2020) on Continuing the Conversation recommends both eliminating arbitrary barriers to lifelong learning and earning and more collaboratives planning for a multigenerational workforce.

Access to Justice and Right to Work in Old Age – Agewell Foundation conducted a national Survey on recommendations for the right to work include pre and post retirement training to provide soft skills, digital literacy, communications; employment exchanges job fairs for older workers and promoting anti age discriminatory practices in the labor market.

The Right to Work and Access to the Labour Market is one of the new priority areas of human rights for older persons. This IFA/GAROP webinar explored some of the related issues that came up in Chilean national discussions.