Lifelong Learning: Personal Development

BALL = Be Active through Lifelong Learning –  U3A Reykjavik, Iceland, led by Pass It On Network’s Country Liaison, Hans Gudmundsson, the BALL Project has published guidelines and recommendations for all stakeholders, public or private, who have obligations and interests in offering advice for adults preparing for the third age. This project was supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, and carried out by U3A Iceland in cooperation with U3A organizations in Lublin, Poland (LUTW) and Alicante, Spain (UPUA), managed by the Icelandic company Evris. The age group in focus was the so-called “baby boomer” generation, 50-70 years of age.

Warehouse of Opportunities – Find hundreds of opportunities to flourish! This exciting new Warehouse of Opportunities is available in English, Icelandic and Lithuanian. Future partner countries can build their own national warehouses. The Warehouse has a Manual for Trainers and Facilitators.

Czech Travel Exchange for U3A Senior Learners – Two way exchanges between similarly motivated senior students from foreign countries belonging to the U3A.

Little Free Libraries – Promoting literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.

Older Women’s Film Group – Watching and discussing films in a group setting, older women explore issues while forming new friendships.

Volunteer Grannies Taught to Help Orphans and Children – Two month course in pedagogy and the psychology of “special children” provides a sound grounding for building confidence.

How to Age Well – A short, well-illustrated, and easy-to-read online guide published by the New York Times offers helpful advice with links to other articles and research is organized in five categories — Eat, Move, Think, Connect, and Live Well.

Visual Ageing Studies – “A visual cultural history of old age has to deal with this iconographic diversity as well as with the various genres, contexts, and functions of portrayals of older people, and this complexity is one reason why an art history of the representation of old age is yet to be written.” — Sabine Kampmann

Adventure Travel – Random Old People fight loneliness by teaming up and going on adventures all over the world … this video struck a deep chord and went viral.

Invisible Talents – Support health and social service providers in residential and/or community settings as well as citizens’ initiatives working with very the elderly. Invisible talents partners accompany this reflection process and help organizations to develop concrete activities. An online self-reflecting tool will be available for all organizations interested.