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Wrinkled Wisdom

– Posted in: Lifelong Learning

My grandfather, Harvey Saunders, spent his life working out-of-doors as a lumberjack and forest ranger. As he aged, his elegant, strong and gentle hands developed creases, lines and dark spots. These huge, graceful and richly textured hands fascinated me. They exuded wrinkled wisdom.

Because of him, I have photographed the elegance and majesty expressed in the eyes and hands of people over eighty. Each person’s special life waits to be told in his or her textured and wise eyes and hands. The photo images are my attempt to show that even though someone may be eighty years old, there still may be something thirty within them.

(Editor’s Note: See the poem written by Kay Saunders taken from the best selling book by Kay Saunders (mother), and Bernie Saunders (son), entitled “The Grace of Ordinary Days.”)

I also want to bring to light the importance of accepting who we are no matter what age; also, to challenge the negative notions of old age being powerless and unsightly.

Embrace the treasures that all wisdom keepers have to offer by listening closely, and appreciate the insights and permissions they gift us with.

Take a moment to take in these images. Then take some time to look in the mirror, and say, “Wow! Look at all that fabulous Wrinkled Wisdom!”

Saunders-img1  Saunders-img3Saunders-img2

To view additional photos, we invite you to watch this video presentation or visit Bernie Saunders’ Wrinkled Wisdom Gallery.

Bernie Saunders
3030 Lakeshore Ave., Maple Plain, Minnesota, 55359

2 comments… add one
2 comments… add one
  • Karen Greer February 19, 2016, 10:51 pm

    How grand that you teamed up with Jan Hively and her Network!
    The music with the photos are such a beautiful combination!!! Such eloquence!
    Thank you for sharing with the world your deeply creative sense of beauty!
    Karen Greer

  • Suzanne Grenager March 18, 2016, 9:43 pm

    Your video brought me to tears, Bernie. I may never quite look at myself — or my wrinkled beloved husband — the same way again. Thank you for sharing what you see!

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