Community Support: Peer Support Groups

Peer Spirit Circles – Helping people use the circle process in creating the environment for sustaining conversation about proactive, productive aging.

Project Renewment – Career women making the transition to retirement meet regularly in a small group to discuss their priorities and passions and intentionally design a future that is as gratifying as their prior careers.

OctosPlus – Open discussion groups are organized on subjects vital to older adults. The latest in Paris is the “Octo +” group – where +80 year-olds share their experiences.

Listening to Loneliness in Ireland – SeniorLine, Ireland’s national confidential listening service for older people combats loneliness by being available every day of the year. SeniorLine received over 10,000 calls in 2018, and is recognized by the Irish Department of Health as a primary health care service contributing to older people living independent lives at home.

What Loneliness Is Doing to Your Heart  – As social creatures, we suffer when cut off from one another. Read about what 25 scientific studies show us.  Next step: take action to assure social interaction and support! 

The Future of Loneliness:  Facing the Challenge of Loneliness for Older People 2014 – 2030 is a research report prepared by the Future Foundation for Friends of the Elderly in the UK.  The facts are startling.  Demographic change alone predicts a 40 percent increase in the numbers of older people living with the devastating effects of loneliness.  As illustrated by its Befriending program, Friends of the Elderly believes that the opportunity exists to change the future of loneliness by exploring how society may change the way it behaves.

World Dance Party Seattle Style – A fun party designed to get neighbors to interact and to celebrate culture and diversity.

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